Is Trikke giving up on Trikkes?

Been a while, so allow me to reintroduce myself. I'm Randy Boyd and these are my blocks, or ditties, or musings, if you will. I prefer blocks, the kind a child uses to make words.

Been playing with blocks since I was a wee young thing. That's when I figured out I like to tell stories. My first one as a child involved a basketball team known as the Tigercats, but that's for another time.

Been a professional writer since age 20, and a blogger since 2007, when blogs were the big thing LOL. Turned out to be a good way to muse about my four novelssports, HIV/AIDS, race relations, President Obama, and this great new hobby I picked up in 2009, the Trikke, the joyride of the 21st-century.

Been a Trikke nut ever since. I love my Trikke. I love trikking, to use the vernacular of enthusiasts; I am a trikker and will be until the day I die. That's how much I love it, that's how much carving has been a part of my soul since love at first Trikke.

Been away from the blog for the last few years, riding my Trikke, of course, but also writing about Trikke, and doing so on TrikkeWorld Magazine, an online publication and labor of love for three years. What a ride, with the emphasis on labor :-)

"Trikke Tech giving up on the body powered Trikke would be like Apple no longer selling the Mac."

Been through a lot since I last posted a piece of myself on my blog. The circle of life with my dog. Illness, then illness again. Life-altering stuff but stuff for another time.

Been rejuvenated. Resuscitated. I'm back on the block, my Blocks. Once a storyteller, always a storyteller.

Been hearing quite a story about the Trikke lately, rumors circulating throughout my Trikke community, the global band of brothers and sisters who share the joy of carving, who identify as trikkers, to use the vernacular. My peeps.

Been hearing Trikke is getting out of the business of making Trikkes? The body-powered ones at least? WTF?

A brother goes away for a few and … wait … what?

Must have Trikke. Must have eternal source for Trikkes. Don't need a new drug. Just need a Trikke. Once a carver, always a carver.

Been checking out these rumors like the good Trikke reporter I still aspire to be. Examined the evidence: body powered Trikke models going out of stock with no sign of being replaced; electric-powered Trikkes being upgraded, revamped and reimagined for use in security, law enforcement and commercial transportation. Heard from my peeps. Questioned my peeps. Requestioned my peeps.

Trikke Tech giving up on the body powered Trikke would be like Apple no longer selling the Mac, the passionate product that put them on the map and engendered a loyal fan base.

Trikke Tech wouldn't dare, would they?

Here's the skinny:

I have it on good authority that Trikke Tech is not giving up on body powered Trikkes, same way Apple is not giving up on the Mac, as recently announced.

Even if Trikke's further foray into electric vehicles turns into the company's cash cow like Apple's world-transforming iDevices, the powers that be at Trikke Tech remain passionate about the joy of carving and committed to the body powered three-wheel wonder.

So keep calm and Trikke on, people of Trikke world.

In my humble opinion, now that we humans have figured out we can move this way, there will always be a market for “land surfers,” so why not Trikke Tech, the igniters of the carving revolution?

The company is, indeed — pardon the pun — carving out a name for itself in the burgeoning gazillion dollar electric transportation market. But … to use a Star Wars metaphor, the force of the carve remains at the core of the company's heart and soul.

Trikke Tech isn't done with Trikkes and neither am I.

I'll continue to ride like the wind and land surf whenever possible. I'm also going to write about it. Where else but here? Back where it all started. Randy Boyd's Blocks.

I'm back on the Blocks and it's a whole new day. And my Trikke musings will now roll out under a brand new name.

Good morning, Trikke world.


Mic check

Mic check. Check one. Check two.




You may have noticed that Randy Boyd's Blocks has been inactive for some time now. That's because I've relocated (temporarily) to another planet. It's called TrikkeWorld, a new child of mine that requires a lot of attention.

Hopefully, once TrikkeWorld is a little more evolved, I'll be able to re-arrange my worlds (and better manage them!) and get back to building more blocks and writing more books.

Thanks for your patience.


"Boyd, take over!"

A long time ago, in a childhood far, far away,
there was a time when I played football.


Seize the Dog

Boomer has seizures. I first noticed them when, at age five, he suddenly appeared possessed. Daddy’s Special Buddy, my golden mutt, was having a heart attack, or about to see a little alien burst from his gut, like in the Sigourney Weaver movie.

To the vet, we went, my friend Linda driving, me in the backseat with Boomer, singing, “Nothing’s gonna harm you (Not While I’m Around)” from Sweeney Todd. His song.

A few hours—and one hefty vet bill—later, Boomer was back to normal, as if nothing had happened, as if Daddy hadn’t been traumatized out of his mind.